LToutdoors Panfish Pounder Pack

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Lowel Miller (@LToutdoors) is an avid outdoorsman in Michigan with a large following on YouTube where he shares all of his outdoor adventures from fishing to hunting and everything in between. He's a multi-species angler who can be found on the open water or ice whenever possible.

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Hand-selected favorites by Lowell himself, the LToutdoors Essential Panfish Pounder Pack includes 12 packs of our best panfish plastics (with 8 plastics in each pack for a total of 96 plastics which is more than enough to get you through a few seasons on both the open water AND ice). Our plastics feature a proprietary blend that produces some of the best panfish plastics on the market with the ultimate in durability and softness to produce the most lifelike movement underwater possible.

Plastic profiles and colors in this kit include:

Lowell's best tips for fishing our soft plastics:

"When fishing most micro-plastics, I have grown quite fond of the drop shot method. Rather than using a plain hook though, I will tie on a tungsten ice jig. I tie my jig on first leaving approximately two feet of tagline hanging from my knot. At the end of the tagline, I will simply clamp down a split shot which is slightly heavier than the jig I tied above. Add your favorite micro-plastic to the jig and fish it along drop-offs, weed edges, and any structure. Most times the fish will grab the bait on the drop, but if not, when you feel your bait hit the bottom hold the line tight, feeling for a bite, and if nothing bites I'll lightly bounce it on the bottom and wait again to feel for a bite. If there's a panfish around, I'm sure it will devour the bait. I prefer using a light action rod and light line so as to better feel the light bites of a big bluegill or crappie. 4 lb test works great and I never go larger than 6 lb test."

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