Spring Crappie Fishing with the Bonita Minnow Plastic

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The Bonita Minnow as seen on Sportsmans Journal TV

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Get everything you need at one checkout and save on shipping when you grab some of the best tungsten jigs on the market from Widow Maker Lures to pair with our premium panfish plastics.


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This 4" soft plastic bait is your "fire-and-forget" solution for targeting walleye, bass, pike, and more. Its ribbed body and spiraling ring tail mimic live prey, enticing strikes with lifelike vibrations and bubbles.

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Our baits are made with a custom plastic blend for the ultimate softness that creates the most lifelike movement underwater possible.

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A6 Intruder Javelin Apache Tomahawk BNFISHING Bass 'N Panfish Kit

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Top 5 Panfish Plastics to Fill Your Bucket This Season

From finesse presentations to crappie-crushing action, Freedom Baitz has the panfish plastics to elevate your fishing this season. Learn about our best baits for success.

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Calling all southern anglers, Christmas shoppers, and bass anglers prepping for their next adventure. Shop our Boujee Bass Jigs line for the perfect pairings for our best bass plastics listed below.

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SJTV Essential Panfish Kit LToutdoors Panfish Pounder Pack Dandy Pannie Ice Intro Kit Nicole Stone Outdoors Open Water Kit BNFISHING Bass 'N Panfish Kit

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Solo slab beatdown. 50+ crappies almost all over 10” and up - all caught on the Bonita minnow. Those things slay!

Crappies on the Bonita Plastic
Dillon N.



Guys. Awesome job. I've been killin panfish with the Hellcat bait. I love it. Just had to order more. Trying a couple different ones this time also. As a vet I wanted to say thank you to all who served and keep up the great work. I'll keep telling people about your baits!

Brian K.



Just a slight snap with your rod and the Barracuda will do all the dancing you need to bring the walleyes out on the dance floor.

Walleye Fishing Plastics
Robert D.

Pro Staff Team Manager


For panfish it has been jigs and Freedom Baitz plastics and that’s it! Haven’t had to use live bait at all!

Slab Crappies on Soft Plastics
Taylor C.



Just opened my order from Freedom Baitz and 10 minutes later the Sidewinder triggered a nice crappie! These baits have some insane action!

Crappie Fishing Plastics
Merle B.



Your baits are the best on the market. I’ve caught almost every freshwater fish in Alaska with them.

Alaska Rainbow Trout Fishing Plastic

Palmer, Alaska

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