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Our plastics are sure to bring you success on the water, here's what a handful of our happy customers have to say:

Crappies on the Bonita Plastic

"Solo slab beatdown. 50+ crappies almost all over 10” and up - all caught on the Bonita minnow. Those things slay!”

- Dillon N. from Wisconsin

Plastics for Alaskan Trout Fishing

"Your baits are the best on the market. I’ve caught almost every freshwater fish in Alaska with them.”

- Easten from Palmer, AK

"For panfish it has been jigs and Freedom Baitz plastics and that’s it! Haven’t had to use live bait at all!"

- Taylor C. from Wisconsin

Don't just take it from us. Our baitz WORK.

Watch Our Baits in Action

Check out these action shots and other videos featuring our baits. We make some of the best panfish plastics out there, see what we mean in the featured Sportsman's Journal TV episodes and more below.

Shallow Spring Slabs on the 2" Apache

When crappies move up to shallow water you better have a slow falling bait. The strike zones are smaller and in clear water fish can be finicky. The new Freedom Baitz 2" Apache is the real deal for these skinny water slabs!

After Dark Crappies on the A-Bomb

Finding and catching crappies on highly pressured lakes can be a challenge on the ice. In these situations, downsizing your presentations is a must and having the right amount of GLOW never hurts putting slabs topside when the bite is tough especially when fishing after dark! Watch as the SJTV duo puts our A-Bomb in Green Glow to work at night putting slabs on the ice.

Icing Panfish with the Frogman

Early season ice can be lights out on the weed edge! BIG panfish love to work these areas as long as the weeds are green. This was a WILD DAY for the Sportsman's Journal TV crew icing panfish with our fan-favorite Frogman plastic!

Easy Limits of Slabs on the Hornet

Crappies spend a significant amount of time roaming mud flats gorging themselves on insect larvae throughout the year. Knowing when to head to the mud and giving them something they haven't seen before is just the ticket for limits of slabs! In this episode, the Trampe's put our new 2" Hornet plastic to the ultimate test and stack up a nice piles of quality spring crappies.

Spring Slabs on the Hellcat

When crappies move shallow in the spring, their strike zones become small. Having a presentation that can stay in their strike zones for a prolonged period will help your odds of putting fish in the box! Perfect for this situation, our Hellcat plastic filled the livewell and put some huge slabs in the boat for Tyler and Sara of Sportsman's Journal TV.

Pre-Spawn Bass on the Barracuda

When bass are shallow and tucked away in thick canopy cover, you need a presentation that is not only weedless but also one that produces! In this episode, the SJTV duo puts our Barracuda plastic to work on some giant bass.

Panfishing with the Bonita

Watch our Bonita plastic in action with this underwater footage in a weedbed. This bait is our highly popular, best selling small minnow profile. Thread it onto your favorite jig and pitch it or slip it onto a simple hook under a bobber and work it back to the boat to elicit strikes from crappies, bluegill, and more on the open water.

The LToutdoors Panfish Pounder Pack

Lowell Miller, better known as LToutdoors, shares a montage of catch footage on the ice and open water with his favorite Freedom Baitz plastics available in his LToutdoors Panfish Pounder Pack. This kit includes 12 of his best producing profiles and colors from our line-up (with 8 baits in each pack for a total of 96 baits) for one low price.

Bass on the Warthog Craw Tube

Watch Lowell of LToutdoors put our Warthog craw tube plastic to work landing one bass after the other in shallow water. Learn tips for rigging and more.

Panfishing with Widow Maker Lures & Our Bonita Minnow

The ultimate pair put to the test - our Bonita minnow rigged on the Cannon Ball from Widow Maker Lures. Watch as Lowell of LToutdoors stacks up perch, bass, and more on this perfect combo.