Ben Lutterman

Hometown: Fulda, MN
Current City: Slayton, MN
Job: AVP State Bank of Chandler, Agricultural Lender
Favorite Lake: Okoboji, Iowa
Favorite Species: Crappies and Bluegills
Favorite Plastic Colors: Purple, Bubblegum, & White

Fishing has always been part of my life. I’ve had the privilege of fishing Lake Okoboji, Iowa for as long as I can remember. Lake Okoboji, a true deep blue water lake and premiere bluegill fishery offers angling opportunities not normally present in much of the country. Much of my younger years were spent sight fishing panfish in shallow water learning how fish react to jig colors, jig sizes, etc. In recent years I have made a move to competitive tournament fishing in both the North American Ice Fishing Circuit (NAIFC) and the Ultimate Panfish League (UPL) in MN seeing some success in each. In joining the promotional staff for Freedom Baitz, LLC I hope to be able to promote a small business that has created a line of innovative finesse plastics that are designed to be fished the way I prefer to fish.

Colby Kraninger

“Growing up in Okoboji has both humbled and spoiled me. Living just two miles down the road from one of the best bluegill fisheries in arguably the nation has made me take a more finesse approach towards panfishing. That being said adding the Apache and A bomb junior to my arsenal has improved both me and my tournament partner Ben Lutterman’s game in the Ultimate Panfish League and North American Ice Fishing Circuit. Off the ice, most of my other free time gets spent bass fishing open water and working in the agriculture industry supplying advice to growers as an agronomist in NW Iowa.”

Cody Shaw

Cody has been involved for a long time now with Freedom Baitz and continues to strive to be in the top tier brackets in the ice and bass fishing industry!

My name is Cody Shaw and I’m a 29 year old competitive bass and ice fisherman. I currently live in Fond du Lac, WI and I’m happily married with a beautiful daughter.
I’ve had a passion for the outdoors ever since I was just a little kid starting to hunt and fish with my dad. My start in tournaments began when I was just 12 with my stepdad in local club tournaments. The drive to excel in them began shortly after.
It wasn’t until my late teens and early 20’s when I got into tournament ice fishing, and fell in love with the Freedom Baitz Plastics. I’m now a 5 time angler or the year for bass fishing, a 2 time BFL winner, a 2 time ice tournament winner, and a 2 time national championship qualifier for the NAIFC.

I couldn’t have done it without the support of awesome people and companies like Dan Creviston and Freedom Baitz Plastics.

Glen Delorme Jr.

Glen’s ancestry is Pembina Chippewa that is native to the Devils Lake, ND area.
Glen has been a professional fisherman for over 30 years and has fished with names like Mr. Dave Genz, and shows such as In-Depth Outdoors, Midwest Outdoors, and many other tv shows around the Devils Lake area.
Glen is also an avid hunter that’s hunted with WWE star Shawn Michaels, the Duck Dynasty crew, a few country music stars such as Clay Walker, and plenty more!
Glen has multiple Top-5 finishes throughout the N.A.I.F.C, won the North Dakota Bluegill Championship, and also was a part of finishing 4th place for Team U.S.A. in the Worlds Championship.

James Cieslica

From: Northern Illinois

“My name is James Cieslica and fishing is my passion. From open water to ice I’m on the water as much as possible. I love chasing smallies and walleye all year in the boat and panfish especially through the hard water season. I mainly fish from southern Wisconsin to northern Wisconsin and everywhere in between but I’m more then willing to travel anywhere across the ice belt to get on the next best bite.
Last few years my partner Robert and I have been fishing the N.A.I.F.C. Our love for competing and ice fishing mix well together and has resulted in how to improve and dial-in our game with the help of Freedom Baitz!”


Josh Lenda

Hometown: Oak Creek, Wi
Current City: Cudahy, Wi
Job: Wastewater Operator
Favorite Lake: Lake X
Favorite Species: Crappies and Bluegills
Favorite Plastic Colors: Black, white

I’ve been fishing since I can remember, my parents have pictures of me in diapers in the boat. Summertime it’s all about walleyes and muskies but come hard water season focus turns to crappies and bluegills. The truly custom bait profiles and colors from freedom baitz definitely make all the difference in pressured fisheries and most tournament situations. Love me some Apache!

Cody Sedlar

Cody brings a ton of knowledge and panfish experience from across the pond in Michigan!

“I spent the majority of my childhood in the creek that ran through my Grandparents farm. Spearing suckers in the spring and chasing after crayfish and creek chubs in the summer.

The past 10 years my obsession has definitely been panfish...BLUEGILLS are my #1 but I also love catching perch and crappie.

Ice fishing season is hands down my happiest time of year! Early spring and late fall are a close second. The only time I'm not chasing panfish is in the summer when I'm more than likely bowfishing with friends and family.”

Jacek Gawlinski

Being from the Chicagoland area since he came from Poland 20+ years ago, he’s done it all in the ice fishing industry; including fishing the Worlds Ice Fishing championship.
Throughout his competitive ice fishing career, he’s taken part in multiple top 3 finishes, a list too long of top 10 finishes, Team of the Year, and even a few 1st place finishes; big fish as well all throughout the North American Ice Fishing Circuit and Team Extreme tournament circuit.
Jacek brings us all sorts of knowledge and experience from the Dakotas to Vermont, even European strategies on how to put fish on ice!


Michael Durkee

“I’ve been out on the ice since I learned to walk. I would sit on a bucket with my father watching him pull big bluegills from the muddy water below us! I always loved the sport of ice fishing and tried my best to catch the fish lurking beneath me. But it wasn’t until I was 8 that I got my first vexilar. That was a game changer! I would be out on the ice every chance I got learning what to use to hook up with the pickiest of fish. I competed in my first tournament the same year. My father and I grew closer and closer through our days ice fishing, competing in all of our local tournaments. It wasn’t until I was 14 that I competed in my first NAIFC (North American Ice Fishing Circuit). In our first tournament we placed 5th! It was amazing! Our secret was the white Apache made by Freedom Baitz. I grew up using this bait company, once and a while I would try live bait but it would never perform as well as the plastic would. Sine my first NAIFC tournament my father and I have qualified every year since for the championship!”

Robert Doubek (Promotional Staff Director)

“Roughly a year ago when I was approached and offered the position of becoming the Promotional Staff Director for Freedom Baitz, it was pretty much a ‘no brainer’ answer. Over the course of this previous year, the growth of this company is absolutely mind blowing. The steps to success that have been taken has put Freedom Baitz at the top tier of the podium and I am quite grateful to be alongside and continue to be a part of this family-structured company.
I’m beyond blessed to help continue to strive to ultimate success for Freedom Baitz and after a years worth of prosper, to say I’m excited is quite an understatement!

I’ll take punching holes over casting any day. My love is ice fishing, although waterfowl hunting is a close second, I’ll occasionally sneak out in the boat during the warm months when I have the opportunity! Being from Northern Illinois often means traveling quite a ways to get a good bite on good ice.

Over the course of the past few years, my partner James and I have been fishing the NAIFC circuit and have found ourselves improving every tournament we fish using the vast arsenal of Freedom Baitz plastics.

My ultimate goal is to be the best I can be in this industry and to overall make a positive impact for the fishing industry!

Tight lines everyone and keep them topside!”

Dan Creviston (Owner)

Dan is an avid outdoorsman in all areas, but his passion is fishing. Dan is involved in the NAIFC tournaments and does multiple bass tournaments throughout the warm months. Dan and his team strive to make the best products for all your fishing needs! We can create custom colors to make your plastics specific to your needs!

We have based our custom plastic’s names off of military terms, as we feel very strongly about supporting our military men and women 🇺🇸 We also love to support youth in the outdoors and have donated to many events. All of us here at Freedom Baitz put our customers first and work hard to produce a quality product for a good price to try and help all anglers alike to be more successful on the ice or in the boat.