Top 5 Panfish Plastics to Fill Your Bucket This Season

Top 5 Panfish Plastics to Fill Your Bucket This Season

Panfish angling is a fantastic way to spend a day on the water, and with the right plastics you’ll be turning over more crappie, perch, and bluegill WHILE also saving money on bait. Freedom Baitz knows panfish, and our lineup of soft plastic lures is designed to tempt even the pickiest eaters. Our custom plastic blend makes for the ultimate softness and creates the most lifelike movement underwater possible.

Here's our breakdown of 5 must-haves for panfish success on the open water:

1. The Hornet: Finesse and Versatility

The Hornet is a true panfishing catching machine. Its unique slender profile and straight tail deliver a subtle, lifelike action that panfish find irresistible. It can easily be modified and manipulated, giving you a variety of presentations with one bait.  Use the whole plastic on an active, aggressive bite or remove the top ball and arms and even the legs off the tail to streamline the bait on a finicky, finesse bite without having to dig a different plastic out of your tackle box. Rigged on a small jighead or even under a float, the Hornet is deadly when the bite is tough. The best part? You can customize the Hornet to match the conditions. Trim off appendages or the tail for a super-subtle presentation when fish are extra wary.

2. The Apache: Crappie Candy

One of our latest and greatest additions to the Freedom Baitz lineup is the 2" Apache.  Popularized recently by Sportsman's Journal TV, it’s become no secret that Apache’s versatility is deadly for spring panfish across the country. This two-bodied, multi-appendaged bait has a unique profile that drives panfish wild. Pitch it around weed lines, docks, or suspended crappie schools for consistent action. The Apache is effective however you rig it, whether it be under a jig head, with a plain hook, or simply under a float. 

3. The Bonita: Small But Mighty

The Bonita panfish plastic

Don't underestimate the power of small plastics! The Bonita has been a long time favorite for panfish anglers.  Its compact, minnow style profile and textured body, is perfect for targeting perch, bluegill, and of course crappie. Rig it on a small jig, or even finesse fish it on a drop shot rig for a killer presentation that will catch fish ALL season long. The smaller profile and traditional appearance makes the Bonita a perfect complement to the Apache or Hornet. 

4. The Tomahawk: Grub with Attitude

The Tomahawk - panfish plastic

The 2” Tomahawk is our next innovation in panfish angling. It’s slender with a long shaft and an axe-like end. The slightest movement gives the broad, angular tail wild flapping movements underwater that mimic live prey. This bait is highly effective for targeting crappie, bluegill, perch, and other panfish across the country.  Thread it onto a jig head or swim it through a suspended school of fish and watch the crappie go crazy for it.  

5. The Hellcat: Unique and Effective

For a truly unique presentation, try the Hellcat. This compact, multi-legged creature bait draws attention with its complex profile and subtle action. The Hellcat is a fantastic choice for flipping into cover or pitching toward fish holding tight to structure. The multiple legs flow freely in the water, mimicking the popular bug profile  Don't be afraid to experiment – panfish love the unexpected!

Shop the Baitz:

  1. Hornet (2")
  2. Apache (2")
  3. Bonita
  4. Tomahawk (2")
  5. Hellcat

The Freedom Baitz Difference

Freedom Baitz understands that panfish anglers demand quality and versatility in their lures. That's why each bait is meticulously crafted with durable materials, vibrant colors, and proven, fish-catching action. Whether you're battling slab crappies in the brush piles or tempting finicky perch in clear water, Freedom Baitz has the perfect plastic to fill your live well. Get out there, experiment, and discover the Freedom Baitz difference this panfish season!

Tight lines! 🎣

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