A6 Intruder
A6 Intruder
A6 Intruder

A6 Intruder

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Named after the legendary Grumman A-6 Intruder attack aircraft, this staple craw trailer profile offers a lifelike design and captivating action. Featuring robust, flared claws, the A6 Intruder creates enticing movements with every rod twitch and subtle current, perfectly mimicking a vulnerable crawfish. Ideal for rigging on swimming jigs, flipping jigs, Texas rigs, and football heads, its chunky body ensures easy rigging and enhanced durability. The A6 Intruder provides unparalleled realism and effectiveness, making it an essential jig trailer for any serious bass angler. 

Sizes: 2.75" or 3.25"
Count: 8 per bag

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