Vertical Jigging Crappies with the NEW 2" Tomahawk on SJTV

Vertical Jigging Crappies with the NEW 2" Tomahawk on SJTV

Fishing heavy cover for crappies on windy days can be a challenge, but not if you have the right presentation! In this episode of Sportsman's Journal TV, Tyler and Sara put on a crappie clinic vertical jigging a sunken tree late in the summer. They deploy our new 2" Tomahawk plastic paired with some new tungsten from Northland Tackle that are key to filling the live-well with slabs! Check out the full SJTV episode below or click here to watch it on YouTube.

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See the 2" Tomahawk In Action   

How to Rig the 2" Tomahawk for Crappies

Hard to question your setup when you hook into a quality slab on the first drop! After identifying a sunken tree in the main lake basin earlier in the season, the SJTV returned later in the summer to find the crappies stacked. When you can get onto a large school of crappies, staying on top of them and getting down quickly is the key to boating more fish. Especially when dealing with wind, utilizing heavier jigs like the new Tungsten Crappie King from Northland Tackle can be the ticket to getting your bait where it needs to go. On the business end, the 2" Tomahawk's large angular tail displaces water to slow the fall, keeping it in the strike zone longer and triggering bites with erratic and constant action! If you’re fishing cribs or sunken trees, this deadly setup is a must have.


How to Rig the 2" Tomahawk

The 2" Tomahawk

Named after a common military weapon used in combat, the Tomahawk is slender with a long shaft and an axe-like end. The broad, angular tail hovers in the water and provides erratic flapping movements that mimic live prey and elicit strikes. This bait is highly effective for targeting crappie, bluegill, perch, and other panfish through the ice (1") and open water (2"). Thread it onto your favorite horizontal jig head and bounce it near fish-holding structure.  



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Featuring the 2" Apache

When crappies move shallow in the spring, you better have a slow falling bait. In this episode, the Trampes show that the 2'' Apache is the real deal for skinny water! Learn how they rigged it in our write-up here.



Featuring the 2" Hornet

Crappies spend a significant amount of time roaming mud flats gorging themselves on insect larvae. Knowing when to head to the mud and giving them something they haven't seen before is just the ticket for limits of slabs!




Featuring the Hellcat

Like the new 2" Tomahawk, our Hellcat is another presentation that can stay in the strike zone for a prolonged period to boost your odds of putting more fish in the box! 




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