LT's Top Freedom Baitz Plastics for Summer Success

LT's Top Freedom Baitz Plastics for Summer Success


Lowel Miller (@LToutdoors) is an avid outdoorsman in Michigan with a large following on his LToutdoors YouTube channel where he shares all of his outdoor adventures from fishing to hunting and everything in between. He's a multi-species angler who can be found on the open water or ice whenever possible.

For nearly all his fishing adventures, Lowell trusts Freedom Baitz to land more fish whether he’s chasing panfish or big freshwater bites. Here are his top favorites for summer fishing:

1. Barracuda

A favorite for bass, pike, and more. This large fluke tail minnow plastic (available in 4.5" or 5.5" sizes) is perfect for pitching around lily pads for big shallow water bites, around structure, drop-offs, and more. There are multiple ways to rig it, and Lowell generally threads it on a small jig head and pitches it out near structure and also likes to swim it without weight on a 2/0 bass hook. The weight of the Barracuda is more than enough to cast and a twitch of the rod tip makes it dance like a crippled baitfish.

2. Ring of Fire

For Lowell, this ring tail grub is an excellent bait for pitching around docks, jigging on the river, or pitching around lily pads and structure. Lowell often rigs this one on a simple jig head like the Widow Maker Tungsten Jig Heads and goes light for a slower sink in the water. The action of the Ring of Fire underwater is irresistible for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pike, and even walleye - any predator species will hammer it.

3. Apache (2") 

Panfish simply eat this one up. Lowell likes to rig the Apache on a small harness for pitching and casting or will jig it on a small jig head. This one also performs well on a plain hook under a bobber. The Apache has a durable two-ball body with trailing appendages that flutter underwater and you can easily trim it down to adjust to what the fish are biting.

4. Hornet (2")

For LT, this is another favorite fished on a harness or jig. Panfish cannot pass up the lifelike movement in the soft tails and appendages. This is more of a straight tail, longer profile but is easily customized to whatever the fish are biting.

5. Bonita

Lowell's favorite plastic split tail minnow on the market, crappies and bluegills everywhere LOVE the Bonita. A staple profile in every angler's tackle box, this small minnow can be jigged, casted, or placed under a bobber. 

Get LT's Full Panfishing Kit

Want to try multiple panfish plastics at a discount? Snag Lowell's LToutdoors Panfish Pounder Kit - includes 12 packs of his favorite baitz in his favorite colors. Each pack includes 8 baitz, so you're getting an assortment of 96 plastics to get you through both the open and hardwater season. Check it out or grab one of LT's favorites above and get fishing!

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