Ice Fishing Crappies at Night on SJTV

Ice Fishing Crappies at Night on SJTV

Our friends and Freedom Baitz fans Tyler and Sara Trampe of Sportsman's Journal TV hit the ice after dark to celebrate New Years Eve with some after dark crappie fishing. They set out on a heavily pressured lake in Minnesota expecting a tough, finesse bite and armed themselves with our popular A-Bomb micro-plastic in Green Glow.

Watch the full episode below or click here to watch it on YouTube.



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A-Bomb Finesse Panfish Plastic 
SHOWN (Left to Right): A-Bomb in Green Glow; Popular Non-Glow A-Bomb Colors: Cinnamon, Watermelon, Chartreuse Blue/Silver Flake

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Be sure to check out the SJTV Essential Panfish Kit. An assortment of 12 different bait profiles (with 8 baitz per pack, for a total of 96 plastics) hand-chosen favorites that have been put to the test time and time again by the SJTV duo themselves. A great starter kit, gift, or a simple way to grab all the SJTV favorites Freedom Baitz and set yourself up for success the next time you're out chasing panfish through the ice OR on the open water.

SJTV Essential Panfish Kit

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